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Byron Burgers Rebranding Video

A rebranding video for
Taxi Studio

Our friends over at Taxi Studio wanted us to create a short, animated video to showcase the fantastic rebranding work they did for Byron Burgers. The video we created was used to help Taxi Studio win some well deserved awards. 

The Story

Taxi Studio wanted a fun, snappy, witty animated video to showcase the rebranding work they did for Byron Burgers. 

It was important that we showcased Taxi's work front and centre whilst also revealing the journey and work done to get the the end stage. For this reason, we opted for tactile paper and stop-motion style animation and motion design to tell the story of their rebrand; from where Byron started to the impact Taxi's work had made. We added a projector sound and created an old-fashioned style visual effect to take the viewer from the old to the new, accompanied by multiple music tracks and sound effects for added impact, flare and humour. 


Client: Taxi Studio
Creative Director: Cameron Doig, Lucy Steel
Lead animator: Cameron Doig

Editor: Lucy Steel

Sound designer: Lucy Steel 
Voiceover/script: Taxi Studio




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