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Back to the Forest

A micro documentary 
commissioned by
4814 Trust

We were commissioned by charitable trust, 4814 to create a micro documentary about an inspiring charity they have supported called A Thousand Year TrustA Thousand Year Trust is dedicated to restoring the UK's native Atlantic temperate rainforests which used to stretch right down the west of the UK, from Scotland to Cornwall. Unfortunately, little of this habitat remains, but Merlin from TYT is keen to see it restored.

The Story

Managing director of TYT, Merlin Hanbury-Tenison started the charity and his efforts to restore the UK's rainforests after he realised that spending time in the forest had helped him to heal his complex PTSD following his time in the army.

The film tells this story and highlights the enduring relevance of our natural world. We are not separate from nature; it is where we belong. 

Learn more about The 4814 Trust here:


Client: The 4814 Trust
Director: Lucy Steel
DOP: Lucy Steel

Drone Operator: Cameron Doig
Sound Operator: Cameron Doig
Editor: Lucy Steel
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Lucy Steel
Colourist: Cameron Doig

Starring: Merlin Hanbury-Tenison




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