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About us

Lucy &

Founders / Directors 

We're Lucy and Cameron - founders and filmmakers who have combined experience in broadcast documentaries, TV shows and in marketing. In 2020, we fused our skillsets together and formed Elastic Pie - an independent production company for film and design. Elastic Pie is based in Bristol, UK but we work with clients across the world!

We understand the power of storytelling and how to create films that capture the essence of a business or artist in a new and compelling way. We love working with people who really care about what they do and we use our skills to translate that on-screen.


From the beginning, it's been important to us that we live out our values and purpose of supporting community, people and our environment honestly and from the very core of our business. We have kept this promise to ourselves by creating at least one pro bono campaign for a charitable organisation, each year.

Aside from filmmaking, we love art, music, travelling, (watching) films, getting out in nature, taking photographs with old film cameras (see photo of sheep below) and good food. The name 'Elastic Pie' was a weird and wonderful childhood nickname, coined by Lucy's mother.

Our desert island disc:
Photo of Cameron and Lucy from Elastic Pie Films
A photo of Lucy scuba diving
photo of Cameron from ELastic Pie Films


"Amazing people. Amazing work. These guys really impressed!"

- Spencer Buck, Founder & CCO, Taxi Studio


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