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Recruit + Retain Using Video

Through the era of 'quiet quitting' and 'The Great Resignation', companies are struggling to maintain a reliable, consistent workforce. However, video can be a hugely effective and cost efficient part of a retention and recruitment strategy.

Now more than ever, employees want to work for purposeful businesses that live out their values. Getting your purpose and values across to candidates can encourage a higher quality and quantity of applications whilst creating a sense of company loyalty before they've even joined you.

Lowering employee turnover

Transparency is important. You want to show candidates a clear and honest view of what it's like to work with you. If someone joins you after seeing on your careers page that you are passionate about climate change, only to find you have no culture around it, they're going to feel disconnected, and might not stay around for very long.

Throughout your company messaging, it's important that you have consistency around your company culture, roles and what to expect. This doesn't just mean on your careers page. Potential candidate will look at everything before making a decision on a company. So that's your social media, your regular company website, Glassdoor... any place you have a presence online. ​Being consistent everywhere helps to build trust and interest from potential candidates. Ideally, potential employees will be checking your site before you even advertise a role.

Video content can ensure you are recruiting people who understand and are aligned with your core purpose and values right from the start. This helps to build a company with a shared goal and sense of community. It's been proven that people absorb more information from video that text alone; rendering video a pretty cost effective addition to a recruitment strategy... AND ensuring all the hard work on your values and culture doesn't go unseen.

More video = less recourses

Creating and distributing content about your values and purpose is essential but can be extremely time costly and ineffective. Emails and other written lines of communication are often missed and go unseen.

Having a stand alone or series of videos that clearly state your company values and culture is not only easier to share around, but increases employee engagement significantly.

Reach & diversity

When recruiting, it's easy to miss out huge pools of incredible people with traditional written methods. It is important to consider the sharing platforms, language used and people shown.

Craft your content not only around the job type but also towards a variety of people at different stages of life, from Gen-z, Millennials, university students, mothers returning to work, individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds and more.

Importance of informing employees of your values and news

Creating a great company culture that people want to work for doesn't just come from informing new starters of what you stand for. It's about ensuring the whole team feels included and united to reach your purpose and values together.

A way to achieve this is by making sure employees really understand your values and purpose. Sharing positive news and updates about your company with your existing employees makes them feel an important part of the growth and culture. This helps lead to higher rates of job satisfaction and creates a working atmosphere where people care about what they do. Ultimately, this helps to lower employee turnover rate and aid in creating an efficient, productive and adaptable workforce.

Define your message as you scale

Scaling rapidly? It's imperative to not let your company purpose dilute as you grow.

A well crafted video will capture the heart and message of your company to ensure it is not lost or diluted as you scale.

If you'd like to speak to us about creating your perfect employer brand video, please click on the button below and get in touch. We'd love to learn more about your business and see how we can best help!


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