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Our Simple 5-Step Filmmaking Process:

If you're considering getting a video made for you business but you're worried it could be a bit of a faff... fear not! We keep our video creation process super streamlined and easy. Just because filmmaking can be complex, it doesn't mean commissioning a video has to be. Here's a quick run down of what to expect when working with us!

The different stages:

1 - Pre-production:

The first stages of pre-production start with a conversation where we learn more about you, your project and what your goals are. From here, we can share ideas and inspiration for what the final film will look like so we’re all on the same page.

Our team will address logistical aspects such as location scouting, schedule creation, story creation and permits. Thorough coordination during this phase ensures successful shoots and an authentic portrayal of your brand's message. We will also spend time researching, writing questions and preparing for any interviews taking place.

2 - Production:

With the pre-production and logistics in place, we will start capturing your brand's narrative on camera. During production, we focus on directing interviews effectively as well as filming

actuality and action. We own all of our own equipment too, so there are no hidden costs.

3 - Post-production and Editing:

In the post-production stages, we edit, add music & sound design, create graphics, animate, subtitle where needed and last but not least, we colour grade the film. All of these elements elevate your film and bring it to life to make it as engaging and as effective as possible. Throughout the editing process, we ensure the video aligns with your expectations and accurately portrays your brand identity. We can also cut and format the footage into shorter clips for your social media platforms.

4 - Review and Feedback:

Rough cuts are delivered and feedback meetings are held. This is where any final tweaks happen before the final cut is ready to go.

5 - Finalising and Delivering:

Once you’re happy with the cut, this is where we deliver the final film as well as any social media clips!


All in all, video production doesn't have to be a complicated mess to be high value and great quality. We strive to make every project even better than the last and put a lot of thought and care into not only each film we create as well as the thought process behind it!

Get in touch to create a film with us today.

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