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Our Favourite Typefaces: 2022

With the end of 2021 fast approaching, we thought we'd share some of our favourite typefaces for the new year! Typography is absolutely critical. Whether it's seen on a website, on a flyer or in a music video, it really can make such a difference to the tonality of a brand or campaign. The typeface you choose sends a message directly to your audience, and sets a precedent for the rest of your brand. Formal, playful, trendy or modern; there's a typeface to suit everything.

Here are a selection of typefaces with a little graphic design and info to illustrate how we think they work best, and what message they send out.

1. Westiva

Both an elegant and stylish serif, Westiva has beautiful curves which are looking like a big trend for 2022. This font is excellent in conjunction with luxury brand logos, business cards and webpages.

2. Gopher

Gopher encapsulates the playful, modern trend that we are seeing a lot at the moment. The wider horizontal strokes and narrower vertical strokes create a stand-out, unique look which is perfect for use with trendy brands, minimalist design and a young target audience.

3. Ohno Blazeface

Aside from probably the best name for a typeface, ever, Ohno Blazeface puts a brilliantly unique twist on the typical fatface genre. It's bold, memorable and modern; perfect for a brand that aims to encapsulate this within its visual style.

4. Stratos

The Stratos family is simple, clean, fresh and timeless. The 20 fonts available range from very thin to very bold making it versatile and useful. We think this could be used for tech companies, in music videos and on printed documents.

5. Calluna

... And lastly, if you're after a font with a classic feel that's still very much on-trend; Calluna is a great pick. The chunky lettering and clean lines make this font suitable for an array of things including but not limited to: books, newspapers, wine labels and food menus.

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