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Why should your business have a video?

Promotional videos (most of the time) aren't about going viral. They're about communicating your business or brand story to your customers in an authentic, engaging and professional manner. When done right, a video can tell your story, explain your product and service, build trust and elicit emotion... in under 3 minutes.

So with that, here are 5 reasons why promotional videos are essential for any business:

1. Show, don't tell

According to a recent article by Forbes on search engine optimisation (SEO) trends, today, SEO is influenced by context, rather than just keywords and word count. This means that carefully worded text on your website alone won't cut it anymore. If you want people to find your website on Google, you should use video on your landing page and in your social media accounts.

Another article states that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. One high-quality, engaging piece of video content can have valuable effect.

2. You have a service-based business

Service-based businesses often find it difficult to promote and explain what they offer. When you don't have a product to photograph or something physical to show people, it can be really tricky to market your services and explain what you do. This is where video can come in really handy.

Video offers a tangibility to services. When a new client or customer wants to know about what you do, instead of endless scrolling through your website trying to piece it together, they can just watch your video. A professional video will explain what you do in the most powerful and concise way, and perhaps more importantly, a carefully crafted film will also present you and your business in the best possible light, best foot forward. It will ensure viewers leave with a great first impression. Video is also very shareable, so can help spread a message far and wide!

3. People take in more information from video than copy

When you want to convey complex or large amounts of information, video is the way to go! We know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so having a video on your website is far more effective than relying on copy alone. Video means clients and customers are much more likely to learn about your business, and therefore, way more likely to take the next necessary steps to work with you.

4. Brand awareness

A beautifully filmed (or animated) video that consistently utilises your brand colours and logos can really help to establish and raise awareness around who you are as a brand. This can have a lasting impact on your audience as they're more likely to remember your business in a positive, professional light. Videos can be shared across websites and social media outlets and are a really effective way to get the word out.

There's no limit to how many times a video can be viewed or shared either. Once you have a quality video produced, it can be re-used time and again for years to come. When made with style, skill and thought, videos can be an extremely cost effective route.

5. Build trust

The power of storytelling when integrated with marketing can be really beneficial in building trust with potential clients, customers, partners and investors. By showing your audience who you are and what you do in a real, authentic way, you create a level of trust and familiarity. Video helps to form long and lasting relationships with customers and a community who love what you do.

Lastly, promotional films have the potential to convey your brand personality and evoke emotion from the viewer, helping you to stand out from the ever busying crowd all the while remaining authentic to who you are.

If you're looking for a promotional video for your brand, business or services, or you want to know a bit more... then email us directly at -we'd love to help.


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