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41 Key Video Production Insights for 2023

We're well in 2023 and the world of video marketing continues to evolve, shaping the way businesses connect with their audiences. Let's explore some intriguing statistics that shed light on the current landscape of video production and consumption.

The Power of Video Marketing Adoption

1: The popularity of video as a marketing tool has surged, with a whopping 91% of businesses using video in their strategies this year. This isn't surprising, considering that videos have proven their prowess in captivating audiences and conveying messages effectively. The surge in utilisation underscores the growing recognition of video's impact.

(image source: Wyzowl)

2: The value of video remains unwavering among marketers, as an impressive 96% continue to embrace it as a vital part of their strategies. This steadfast appreciation for video signifies its enduring role in modern marketing efforts, going beyond mere trends to become an essential avenue for engagement.

3: While the adoption of video marketing grows, some businesses (30%) are yet to jump on board due to time constraints in creating content. This points to an opportunity for streamlining video creation processes, making it more accessible for businesses of all sizes to harness the power of video.

4: Anticipating the impact of video, a significant 70% of marketers who previously haven't used it are planning to embark on online video marketing in 2023. This shift underscores the growing realisation that videos possess unique potential to resonate with audiences and drive engagement.

5: The rise in in-house video creation (41% of marketers in 2022) reflects the increasing ease of producing videos internally, prompting many to take their first steps into video marketing. This trend highlights the empowerment that businesses feel when equipped with tools to quickly and more easily share their stories through video.

6: In the creative realm, 66% of video marketers dabbled in crafting live action videos during 2022. Live action videos provide an unfiltered connection with viewers, allowing brands to inject personality and immediacy into their communication.

7: Screen recorded videos made their mark as 57% of video marketers opted for this format in 2022. Screen recorded videos serve as valuable educational tools, enabling marketers to visually guide their audience through processes and concepts.

8: Catering to the appetite for knowledge, 55% of video marketers created tutorial/how-to videos in 2022. These videos not only educate but also establish trust and credibility, fostering a deeper connection between brands and their audience.

9: An overwhelming 68% of people express a preference for learning about new products or services through short videos. The concise and engaging nature of short videos aligns with modern audiences' desire for quick, valuable information.

10: The influence of video on purchasing decisions is remarkable, with a staggering 81% of people admitting that a brand's video convinced them to make a purchase. This speaks volumes about the persuasive power of video content in the consumer journey.

Metrics and Engagement: Measuring Video Success 11: Despite the allure of massive viewership, 38% of marketing videos garner fewer than 10K views. This underlines the importance of effective promotion and distribution strategies, ensuring that even lesser-viewed videos reach the intended audience and achieve their goals.

12: A notable 16% of marketing videos receive less than 1,000 views, highlighting the challenge of capturing audience attention in a crowded digital space. This serves as a reminder that every video, regardless of initial views, has the potential to make an impact when strategically positioned.

Graph showing how many views video content gets from Hubspot

(image source: Hubspot)

13: A fortunate 16% of marketing videos achieve over 100K views, showcasing the potential for videos to connect deeply and resonate widely. Such videos play a pivotal role in enhancing brand awareness and expanding audience reach.

14: For 60% of video marketers, engagement rate takes centre stage as the most critical metric. This metric reflects the connection a video establishes with its audience, indicating the effectiveness of the content in sparking interactions and discussions.

15: Prioritising conversions, 56% of video marketers focus on improving their conversion rates. Ultimately, videos are tools for driving action, and a higher conversion rate signifies the content's ability to guide viewers toward desired outcomes.

16: For 52% of video marketers, click-through rate (CTR) holds significance as it measures the effectiveness of video calls-to-action. A strong CTR indicates that viewers are not only engaged but also eager to take the next step.

17: Assessing video effectiveness, video marketers emphasise follower and subscriber growth, seeing these as indicators of sustained audience interest. Growing followers and subscribers fosters a loyal community that can lead to future conversions and brand advocacy.

18: Understanding viewer engagement goes beyond view counts, with average view time being a key indicator. Longer average view times indicate that the content resonates and holds viewers' attention, making it a more meaningful measure of engagement.

Harnessing the Format: Short and Long-Form Videos

19: In the quest for optimal video length, a resounding 96% of marketers agree that videos under 10 minutes are most effective. This strikes a balance between delivering valuable content and respecting viewers' attention spans.

20: The sweet spot for return on investment (ROI) lies in short-form videos, favoured for lead generation and engagement. Their concise format maximises impact, making them powerful tools for connecting with audiences and driving desired actions.

21: 2023 has seen short-form videos poised for a 36% growth, with 45% of video marketers embracing them for the first time. This anticipated surge reflects the evolving dynamics of content consumption and the appeal of bite-sized, engaging videos.

22: The industry consensus is clear—optimal short-form videos should clock in under 60 seconds. This tight timeframe compels marketers to distil their message into a compelling snapshot that captures attention swiftly.

23: Long-form videos still find favour, with 27% of video marketers valuing the sweet spot between 4 to 6 minutes. These videos provide room to explore topics in depth while maintaining a manageable length for online audiences.

Video's Broad Impact: Reaching Audiences Everywhere

24: Live videos retain their relevance, as 66% of video marketers continued to create them in 2022. The real-time engagement and authenticity of live videos resonate with audiences seeking immediate, unscripted interactions.

25: Demonstrating their effectiveness, 57% of video marketers found screen recorded videos to be a valuable asset in their marketing strategy. This format's versatility makes it a go-to choice for explaining processes, software tutorials, and more.

26: Making a positive impact on user understanding, 68% of marketers believe that video enhances the clarity of their products or services. Videos bring concepts to life, helping consumers grasp complex ideas in a more relatable and visual manner.

27: The embrace of authenticity is evident, as 78% of consumers express a preference for videos that are authentic and relatable, even over polished productions. This shift reflects the value audiences place on genuine, human interactions.

28: Confidence in video's return on investment (ROI) is high, with an impressive 91% of marketers believing that videos yield a favourable ROI. This affirmation speaks volumes about the tangible impact videos have on business outcomes.

29: Prioritising engagement, 68% of marketers are focusing on crafting videos that resonate and captivate their audiences. This approach aligns with the fundamental goal of connecting with viewers on a deeper level.

30: The lasting impact of videos is apparent, with 96% of people revealing that they've watched explainer videos to understand products or services better. This showcases the power of video in educating and informing audiences effectively.

31: The power of persuasion is undeniable, as 81% of people admit that a brand's video convinced them to make a purchase. This attests to the ability of video content to elicit genuine interest and influence consumer decisions.

32: Planning for the future, a significant 95% of video marketers are determined to increase or maintain their video marketing budgets in 2023. This commitment highlights the ongoing recognition of video's impact on business growth.

33: The impact on conversion rates is evident, with 70% of video marketers attesting that video positively influenced their conversion metrics. This reflects the compelling nature of videos in guiding viewers toward desired actions.

34: Recognizing the preferences of consumers, a substantial 79% prefer watching videos to learn about products, indicating the superiority of visual over textual content. Videos provide a multisensory experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

35: Directly impacting sales, 75% of video marketers credit video content with driving their sales figures upward. This correlation emphasises the role of videos in not only engagement but also revenue generation.

36: The ubiquity of video is evident, as 86% of businesses incorporate videos on their websites, and 77% use them on social media platforms. This broad reach signifies the versatility of video content across various online spaces.

37: Boosting both visibility and SEO, 82% of video marketers have experienced the benefits of increased traffic through video integration. Videos enhance user engagement, thereby positively impacting search engine ranking.

38: Leveraging different channels, 80% of video marketers utilise videos for email marketing, harnessing the engaging nature of videos in this communication avenue. This approach breathes life into email campaigns, enhancing customer interactions.

39: The social media realm is harnessed by 66% of video marketers, who incorporate videos into their strategies to tap into the platforms' wide reach. Videos align perfectly with social media's visual nature and contribute to higher engagement.

40: Recognizing video's potential to generate qualified leads, 68% of marketers acknowledge that video content holds the key to attracting more valuable prospects. This speaks to video's ability to convey a brand's value proposition effectively.

41: Creating impactful video content comes with its share of challenges. According to recent insights from Wyzowl:

(image source: Wyzowl)

30% of businesses find themselves grappling with the lack of time to delve into video production. While the benefits are clear, finding the necessary time to conceptualise and craft compelling videos remains a persistent challenge.

18% of potential video creators face the initial hurdle of not knowing where to begin. This underscores the need for accessible resources and guidance to demystify the video creation process, thereby encouraging more businesses to venture into this impactful medium.

10% of decision-makers encounter difficulties in persuading key stakeholders about the necessity of investing in video. Addressing this challenge involves demonstrating the tangible benefits and potential return on investment (ROI) that video marketing can offer.

10% of businesses express concerns about video being too expensive to produce. Clarifying misconceptions about video costs and showcasing its potential to yield strong results could help alleviate these worries.

8% of businesses abstain from creating video content due to a perceived lack of necessity. Bridging this perception gap involves educating businesses about the diverse applications and profound impact of video in contemporary marketing strategies.

5% of businesses remain unsure about achieving a good ROI from video content creation. Sharing success stories and emphasising the positive impact of video can help assuage these reservations.

These insights underscore the multifaceted landscape of video production, where challenges are met with opportunities to educate, innovate, and capitalise on the potential of video as a powerful marketing tool.


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