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NHS automation staff card designs


NHS Northampton General Hospital Trust wanted us to create a website ui and brand and sense of identity for an automation program the hospital was implementing. The program was based on introducing automated processes (bots) to the NHS, to help reduce unnecessary amounts of manual time being spent on tasks that could be done automatically, thus freeing up time for employees to carry out more valuable tasks. It was essential the branding helped to reduce fear or the automations. They were not being implemented to reduce staff - simply to improve jobs and accuracy across different systems and machines.


Using character art by designer, Amrit Pal Singh, we created characters for the bots and renamed them 'autos', each with a name and unique identity, presented as CVs and work cards (like staff in the hospital use). We also created a neumorphism theme to keep the website feeling fresh and modern without straying too far from the traditionally recognised NHS branding.

NHS Automation CV design
NHS automation card design
NHS Automation accelerator logo design

Concept design, 2020

NHS northampton logo dropdown design
Automation accelerator web design

UI design, 2020

NHS automation accelerator HR card design
NHS automation accelerator clinical card deisgn
automation accelerator logo deisgn alternative
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