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A careers video for VR fitness brand, 

We spend time interviewing and getting to know the FitXR team to create a video for their new careers page on their website.

See our work live in action on their website here

The Story

FitXR reached out to us in hopes that we could create a new video for their new careers page on their website. They needed something that showed their impressive technology, love of fitness and virtual, remote work culture all at the same time.

Their remote working setup enabled employees to have a highly flexible lifestyle whilst making the most of the FitXR fitness games. To ensure this was translated, we interviewed different team members, got stuck into their slack channels and learned all about the employees favourite parts of working at FitXR. We used home videos and archive footage to create a tangible feel and to reflect the digital community potential candidates would be working within. 


Client: FitXR
Lead Animator and graphics: Cameron Doig
Editor: Cameron Doig, Lucy Steel
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Lucy Steel
Colourist: Cameron Doig




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