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A frame from Beam TV advert TV Advert


Social enterprise, wanted us to create a 30 second advert to be shown on Sky TV. The purpose of the ad was to raise awareness of Beam and the cutting-edge, exciting technology they use to combat homelessness.


With a speedy one month turnaround and pro bono, we filmed an interview with a real beneficiary and intertwined it with graphics and animated elements from their website. This helped to create a purposeful and informative film all while remaining as authentic as possible.

Our client wanted to steer away from the darker, guilt inducing themes often associated with charity advertisements and instead have something that felt bright and hopeful.

We used pops of Beam's colour palette to establish and familiarise the audience with the brand.

Frame from beam's tv advert
behind the scenes photo from beam shoot

With this in mind, we filmed a brightly lit piece to camera with a beneficiary named Regina, who's life had already transformed thanks to Beam. We wrote the script using language that felt natural to Regina, adapting it through the process to ensure the final product remained as genuine and authentic as possible.

Production process

1. Ideation and planning

We’ll work closely with your team to form great original ideas and develop an agreed, effective content strategy. We can take care of everything or as much as you need; from conception to delivery.

When relevant, scripting and storyboarding can make or break a project, so we make sure we get it right.

2. Filming

From labs to offices, stadiums to construction sites and schools, we’ve filmed in a variety of locations with high profile and vulnerable contributors.

As we are a small team with our own range of excellent equipment, we can offer a personal service to create beautiful content that presents your brand or business in the best possible light. 

3. Post production

Our in-house editing process means a quick turnaround with speedy communication, flexibility and reasonable rates. We ensure the edit, sound, colour grade, motion graphics and any other element of the video is up to scratch and is reflective of the quality of your brand or business.

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